SQ partners with J.A. Beare for loan of the finest instruments during the quartet’s 35th anniversary

The Shanghai Quartet were given a full set of Italian top-quality, antique instruments in March 2018 on loan from Beare’s International Violin Society, coinciding with the 35th anniversary our ensemble’s establishment. First violinist, Weigang Li, now plays on a fine 1714 Stradivari Violin ‘Kneisel, Grün’ previously owned by the famous German violinist Franz Kneisel (1865-1926), who played a leading role in the development of American chamber music performance. Second violinist, Yi-wen Jiang, now plays “The Stratton”, a fine 1729 Guarneri del Gesù violin. . A fine 1700 Matteo Goffriller Viola now being played by Honggang Li. A fine 1690 Stradivari Cello now being played by Nicholas Tzavaras.  A Statement from J & A Beare: “J & A Beare are delighted to be able to loan, through the help of generous sponsors and the Beare’s Interntional Violin Society, four fine Italian instruments for their 35th anniversary tour. J & A Beare first met the Shanghai Quartet at the Shanghai Exhibition in 2017 and were instantaneously impressed by the quartet’s animated musicality and magnificent technique. As much as to enhance the gifted playing of the Shanghai Quartet as to highlight the mastery of the Beethoven string quartets, the instruments loaned are among some of the finest and we look very much forward to listening and watching the Quartet throughout their anniversary season.”

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